General Household Furniture & Effects

Timed Online Sales of up to 1,000 lots held over a three weekly cycle.

Contact Saleroom Manager Richard Petty 07891388660

*Please note we do not accept;

  • Electrical items that have not been issued with a PAT (Portable Appliance Test) certificate issued on our premises by the Netherhampton Salerooms independent examiner. (Available at £5 per item.)

  • Soft furnishings with foam content, that do no carry a fire safety label to comply with 1988 regulations or later.

  • Items that are broken or soiled.
  • Beds, 3 Piece Suites, Chipboard Furniture.


Friday 24th February and Monday 27th February

Friday 17th March and Monday 20th March

Friday 14th April and Monday 17th April

Friday 12th May and Monday 15th May

Friday 2nd June and Monday 5th June

Friday 23rd June and Monday 26th June

Friday 14th July and Monday 17th July

Friday 4th August and Monday 7th August

Friday 25th August and Date TBC

Friday 15th September and Monday 18th September

Friday 6th October and Monday 9th October

Friday 27th October and Monday 30th October

Friday 17th November and Monday 20th November

Friday 8th December and Monday 11th December


For any questions or general queries please email


Sale Dates & Delivery Dates for 2023


                        Delivery Dates                                                                        Sale Dates

Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th February                Friday 24th February – Wednesday 1st                                                                                                         March


Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th March                       Friday 17th March – Wednesday 22nd March


Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th March                   Friday 14th April – Wednesday 19th April


Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th April                      Friday 12th May – Wednesday 17th May


Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th May                       Friday 2nd June – Wednesday 7th June


Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th June                       Friday 23rd June – Wednesday 28th June


Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th July                            Friday 14th July – Wednesday 19th July


Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th July                        Friday 4th August – Wednesday 9th August


Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th August                   Friday 25th August – Wednesday 30th                                                                                                        August


Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th September              Friday 15th September – Wednesday 20th        September


Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th September          Friday 6th October – Wednesday 11th                 October


Wednesday 18th & Thursday 19th October                 Friday 27th October – Wednesday 1st          November


Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th November               Friday 17th November – Wednesday 22nd        November


Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th November          Friday 8th December – Wednesday 13th    December



Upcoming Sales

General Household Furniture & Effects

General Household Furniture & Effects

General Household Furniture & Effects